Best Friends are great kinda of like you

                                       they’re your ride or die 

                             They will be there for you till your do

                                      And you will be there for them to 


                                      They’re funny they’re Nice they

                                        Will cook you rice  Even in the night

                                         though you fight That okay that’s

                             Alright They will still love you Through the night



pexels-photo-69372 (1)

                                                        Dogs are fun 

                                           dogs are sweet 

                                   but are not fun to eat 

                              They’re loyal and spoiled

                                              and will always   

                                             be there to cuddle

                                    Don’t worry, they won’t

                                      be at your feet-      

                        they will be with you

                            looking  on fleek








Jamz Cheer Nationals


My cheer squad and I went to Las Vegas to compete in nationals.  We practiced really hard, went over the routine 100’s of times. We were always practicing even at home and at sleepovers. But yet we didn’t win. But we came really close. We got 2nd place in our cheer, and third in our cheer dance. In our first performance it was really close the team that won barely beat us. Next year we are planning to go again, and hopefully get first this time. We’re going to work even harder and have harder stunts and routines. Have you done cheer before?

About me



Here are some things you might want to know about me. I love sports. The sports I love to play are softball and cheer. In softball I play second base, and in cheer I am a base for my best friend Emma. I am also an animal lover. The animals I like are dogs, cats, dolphins, turtles, and horses. On my free time I’m most likely hanging out with my friends, or at the baseball field. And there are some things  you might want to know about me. If you have anything in common with me please comment below.


100 wc 8th weeek

“Eww” said the dancers as they were looking at the pool. It was green, but yet there was still somebody swimming in it.

One of them said in disgust “Get out cause you’re very likely to get sick, and that’s nasty it looks like that pool hasn’t been cleaned in weeks.’’ But yet one of the dancers, Alicia, still jumped in. And what was even worse, was that she had  too much beans so she had really bad gas. She was making the whole pool bubble. All the girls started laughing at her. Then all of the sudden Bayleigh screamed, “ RAT!’’.

100 word essay

You know how sometimes your big sister barges  into your room going off because she can’t find a cute outfit. Well that happened. I  thought I was going to die. But then she said “ if I find something of mine in your closet that I was looking for I’m going to be so mad’’ And then she only looked in my dresser. But later that day she came back and looked in my closet. Which wasn’t a good thing because I might of sort of borrowed a super cute shirt. After that she got so mad that I never borrowed anything of hers again.  Have you ever done the 100 word essay? And if you would like to try it out click here.

Positive Pranking

For the past couple of weeks my class and I have been doing something called positive pranking. One of the things that we did to a classroom is ding dong ditching. So when we got enough ding dongs to do a classroom we would get together and pick a classroom to do. Then there would be 2 kids standing back recording us, then the rest of the class would set down the ding dongs, knocked on the door and ran. Another positive prank that we did was teeping. What we did was we got tootsy pops and put them on fishing lines then hung them up on the ceiling  and put toilet paper in the door way. Something else we did was we got laffy taffys and add a short funny joke and tape it. Then we would have the janeter put them on kids is desks after school. And those are some of  the things that we do for positive pranking. If you have any questions please comment below. Do you do positive pranking.                     


My Favorite Animals

Dolphin With Baby #2Creative Commons License Jeremy Bradford via Compfight   One of my favorite animals are dogs. I like them because they are fun to play with. And because  the can protect you. Also if your bored than you can go outside and play with them. Or if your really cold than you can have your dog lay on you. My favorite type of dog is a Botticelli. They are my favorite type if dog because they are friendly and not to big.

   Another one of my favorite animals are horses. I love to ride them. I have a horse and his name is Mickey. The reason we named him Mickey is because when he was born he had a mickey mouse sign on his chest. Horses are one of my favorite animals because they are friendly, and if you train them right then you can do amazing things with them.

An animal that I really like is a dolphin. I started to really like dolphins when I first saw the movie Dolphin Tale. The movie inspired me. After I watched that movie I started doing research on the dolphin in that movie. The dolphins name was Winter. She was a dolphin that lost her tale because of bob wire that was put in the ocean. So then I researched on how many sea animals get injured or killed a year and it was a lot. About 100,000 sea animals die and get injure a year. If you have anything in common with me please comment below.



Popular food in California

Mmmm... gone now :-)I am going to be talking about popular food in Red Bluff California. One of the most popular kinds of   food is pizza. Another common food is cheeseburgers. I have noticed that greasy food is one of the most popular foods. But some of the more healthier common foods is salad. Another popular food is stake and chicken. And a common meal is a meat with salad. Another really popular food is sushi. Does your country have anything in common with mine? If so comment below.

Creative Commons Licensestorebukkebruse via Compfight


Happy Halloween

   my pumperkin  I love Halloween! It is one of my favorite times of year because fall is here.  Its the one time a year where you can dress up and go to houses and ask for candy. Also because I get to get together with my family and we all go together . But after I go with my family my brother my brothers friends and I come back to my house and go to different neighborhoods. And every year I always get lots of candy but it takes me along time to finally finish it. And that’s what I do on Halloween night. What do you do for Halloween? Comment below if you dare.